Data Management

We have developed specialist software and applications to support users of Turnkey’s instruments with the recording, analysis and reporting of data.

With our data management solutions it is possible to:

  • share information worldwide, in real time
  • store data securely
  • view results anywhere on any internet connected device
  • search results online
  • analyse results and compare data
  • extract results
  • control connected testing equipment remotely
Air pollution

AirQWeb is our specially-designed online interface, which was developed for use with our internet-connected environmental monitoring equipment.

It works with the Topas or Osiris airborne particle monitors and the online application will connect to these devices via our Web Server to automatically download data in real time.

Our AirQ software is Windows-compatible software and allows users to collect, manage and display results from our range of environment sensors.


Our WinSim Windows-compatible software is ideal for the storage, analysis and reporting of brake testing data.

Our software and applications are available to users of Turnkey’s testing instruments, and can be downloaded directly from our website or the appropriate app store.