Service & Calibration

To ensure you get the best from your Turnkey instruments we recommend taking advantage of our Statutory Calibration Scheme (SCS).

All our testing devices are designed and developed in-house by our talented team of engineers so nobody understands our instruments better than we do. We firmly believe this makes us the best people to service and calibrate your Turnkey instruments.

Our testing devices have been carefully developed to provide accurate readings and measurements and are approved by various bodies including MCerts, the DVSA and TUV. Regular servicing is key to ensuring they continue to meet the approved standards.

For enquiries about the Turnkey Statutory Calibration Scheme or any technical support enquiries relating to our products please contact us:

Once registered on the Statutory Calibration Scheme (SCS) you will benefit from:

  • Calibration of your instrument to the approved standard for a period of 12 months.
  • In the event of a fault developing, an instrument in the SCS will be repaired, re-calibrated for the remainder of the 12-month period (interim calibration), and returned to you without any additional charges.
  • Replacement of some consumables and preventative spare parts.


By signing up to our SCS you can rest assured that all servicing and maintenance will be taken care of by experts and without any hidden costs.

Software updates

For software updates or to download new software, please visit our resources page or the relevant app store.


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