8-way to 8-way PFT Lead

Analogue Display for PFT

BrakeSafe Air Pad

Car Charger to 8-way DIN Lead

g-meter+ Printer Lead

Paper Roll for Simret or BrakeSafe/SkidMan 20-pack

PFT (Pedal Force Transducer)

Ribbon for Simret or BrakeSafe/SkidMan 5-pack

UK battery charger for Simret 3000, BrakeSafe Classic or SkidMan

Thermal Paper Roll for g-meter+ 20-pack

Trigger Switch

USB to 8-way DIN PC-Link

g-meter Motorcycle Fixing Strap

PC link for g-meter+

UK battery charger for Simret 4000, BrakeSafe or micro BrakeSafe