Sending your unit to us for recalibration, service or repair from outside the UK (including from the EU)? Please read this guide.

Vodafone have announced the shutting down of their 3G network in 2023. These are the provisions we are making for any customers affected.


Connecting brake testers to the MTS system

To connect your g-meter, g-meter+ or BrakeSafe for use with the DVSA’s MOT Testing System (MTS), see the instructions here.

This describes how to set up the Brake Testing App on a mobile device, using your client ID and key files received from the DVSA.

Why choose Turnkey

Turnkey is a leading developer and manufacturer of environmental monitoring instrumentation and brake testing and vehicle compliance testing equipment.

All of our monitoring and testing equipment has been developed in-house by our skilled engineers. We pride ourselves on creating accurate, reliable equipment which is practical and user friendly.

Manufactured in-house

All of our instrumentation is developed by our in-house, specialist engineers. This means we can offer a complete service which begins with an initial enquiry and supports our customers through training (if required) as well as fulfilling all servicing and calibration requirements.

Nobody knows and understands our products better than we do and we are always on hand to answer questions, offer technical advice and help.

We carry out all servicing and calibration for our range of environmental monitoring equipment as well as for our brake testing and vehicle compliance kits.

Our teams of talented product engineers are the best people to carry out servicing, repairs and calibration because each piece of instrumentation was developed and manufactured by Turnkey’s own engineers so we really do understand every nut and bolt!

User friendly

Our products are used by police forces, local authorities and other agencies in the UK and around the world. Some of our instruments were developed in collaboration with police forces or other end users, this has led to testing equipment which works exactly as required by the end users and generates the accurate results in a practical, usable format.

Many of our monitors are supported by our software and mobile apps for downloading, analysing and reporting results.


Turnkey Group holds ISO 9001:2015 certification. The iPM, Osiris and Topas dust monitors are Environment Agency MCERTS certified for PM10 and PM2.5. Our brake testers hold relevant DVSA-approval by the GEA, and TÜV Rheinland certification, and our off-road vehicle testing instruments are supplied to heavy industries, mining and quarries all over the world.

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