Web Server

The Turnkey Web Server and Turnkey WS3 were developed for use with our range of environmental instruments. These devices allow you to connect any Osiris or Topas dust monitor by means of a standard internet or Ethernet connection.

The Turnkey Web Server offers a practical solution to monitoring and managing your devices remotely, and allows you to automatically upload results from any of our air monitoring devices. In addition to using broadband or fixed DSL internet connections, the server can also connect over 3G or 4G mobile, making it a great option if you need to view and analyse results from instruments located on sites away from the office.


Using our AirQ software, AirQWeb web interface or AirQApp, it is possible to control the instrument and continuously monitor dust readings online for anywhere in the world. Results can be uploaded and stored using your internet connection, and you can set automated emails or text notifications to be sent when readings reach chosen limits.

AirQWeb will automatically link with the Google map and satellite images for the Web Server’s location, enabling you to pan and zoom online to remotely inspect the locations where instruments are active.

If you already have an Osiris or Topas, the Web Server can easily be added at a later date.