Vehicle Compliance

In addition to our range of MOT and other statutory brake testing equipment for road-going and off-road vehicles, we have developed other instruments which support the police, DVSA and other agencies in checking vehicle compliance and in accident investigation.

Working with the South Yorkshire Police Authority and automotive glazing experts Pilkington Automotive, we developed the TintMan: a compact device for measuring the amount of light that passes through a vehicle’s windows.

Tinted windows have become popular but there have been concerns that tinted windows significantly reduce visibility for drivers, which clearly poses a health and safety concern.

In 2004, the law on window tinting in the UK was amended to make restrictions tighter. There is often confusion about what is permissible but the law clearly states that 75% of visible light must pass through the windscreen and 70% through the driver’s side windows. Similar laws exist across America, although they do vary by state and in other parts of the world.

This is an important element of vehicle compliance. Those installing vehicle window tinting which doesn’t meet the criteria in the UK can be prosecuted if they allow a vehicle with tinted front windows to drive away from their premises. Vehicle owners can have their vehicle served with a prohibition of use order.

The TintMan is now the official visible light transmission (VLT) measuring device used by DVSA and is also widely used by many police forces.

The iTINT is our newest photopic vehicle window tint tester and builds on the development of TintMan. Simple to use, with geolocation, wireless printing and Wi-Fi control via web or mobile app.

The SkidMan, which was also developed in conjunction with South Yorkshire Police Authority, is a versatile testing instrument with various uses including brake and skid testing, road traffic accident investigation and reconstruction, and vehicle safety inspections.

Since its development in conjunction with South Yorkshire Police Authority, the SkidMan has been adopted by many other police forces and is in common use throughout the UK for the investigation of road traffic accidents as well as for reconstructions.

Take a look at our range of vehicle compliance instruments: