AirQ Software

AirQ is Turnkey’s specially developed software which is compatible with windows and will collect, manage and display results from our environmental sensors.

Our experts have developed our own software and apps in-house to ensure they work seamlessly with our specialist monitoring equipment allowing our users to manage their data and results effectively. AirQ software is compatible with Turnkey’s Topas, Osiris and DustMate monitors.

Our AirQ software can be used to record and analyse air quality information TSP, PM10, PM2.5 and PM1 as well as other data monitored by external sensors such as noise pollution levels and pollutant gases.

It can also be used to record climate and weather data such as ambient temperature, wind speed, wind heading, and relative humidity which can be helpful in creating a complete picture and in tracking the source of any pollution.

Data can be recorded, analysed and displayed in real-time. With AirQ complex information can easily be converted into graphs which can quickly be interpreted visually. These are ideal for sharing results and information with others or including in reports. For example, with AirQ a live on screen ‘pollution rose’ can be created which plots measurements against wind heading on a polar chart.

AirQ includes the facility to store results in a searchable database, data can then be analysed based on specific requirements such as a set time period, sample or location. This enables users to create historical reports or to compare results and measure improvements or deterioration over time.


Our AirQ software is available to download free of charge for users of our monitoring equipment.

Latest update

For upgrading AirQ software you already have installed. (If you need to install from new; use the full installer instead)

Full installer

For installing AirQ on a new computer. (Don't use this for upgrading an existing installation; use the updater instead)