When purchasing industrial instruments, several factors are crucial to consider, including their accuracy and precision.

You want to invest in instruments which prevent even those small deviations in results. After all, these can cause significant issues in industrial applications. 

It’s also vital to industrial instrumentation which is renowned for its reliability and durability. These types of devices are often used in often harsh conditions; they often need to be resistant to temperature variations, moisture, vibrations and corrosive substances.


When looking for the best industrial instrumentation, look at how much maintenance the devices require. Some require frequent calibration which might result in downtime and can have an impact on your productivity.

Turnkey Instruments is able to carry out all servicing and calibration for our range of environmental monitoring equipment, along with our brake testing and vehicle compliance kits. We can therefore save you time and hassle in this area. 

You also want to look at whether an instrument is compatible with your current systems and processes at your premises. 

Our monitors are supported by our software and mobile apps for downloading, analysing and reporting results, so are highly convenient. 

Another factor to look at is whether it meets your budget. While it’s important to invest in quality instrumentation, also consider the long-term costs. It’s best to look for a balance between upfront costs and ongoing maintenance expenses.

You want to choose instruments that allow for scalability as your operations grow or change. 

Instruments with additional features or upgrade options can be particularly advantageous. We have talented production engineers who regularly improve our instrumentation to offer your unbeatable results. 

It can help to research and read reviews from other users or industry experts to get an idea of the instrument’s performance, reliability, and suitability for your specific needs. Turnkey Instruments has a wealth of information on our website so you can find out more about our devices. 

You might want to evaluate multiple options, request demonstrations or trials when possible, and involve relevant stakeholders in the decision-making process to ensure you choose the most suitable instrumentation for your industrial needs.

Turnkey Instruments makes it easy to buy high quality industrial instruments, with our team offering excellent customer support. 


We’re always happy to provide technical support and can help you if any issues arise. Our industrial instrumentation is easy to use and it will be easy for your team to learn how to make the most of their features. They’re used widely by police forces, local authorities and other agencies all over the world, including in the UK. 

Compliance is essential in industrial settings to avoid legal issues and ensure safety. All our instruments meet the latest industry standards and safety requirements.

Among our range of industrial instruments to buy online you’ll find:

  • Dust and particle monitors. Like all our scientific instruments, these monitors are designed and developed in-house by our team of specialist engineers. They can be used to measure environmental factors such as wind speed and direction, temperature, humidity, and rainfall.
  • Gas monitors which allow for the easy recording and reporting of multiple gas species, viewed remotely through AirQWeb. That includes the iGASair which can measure up to six different pollutant species simultaneously, with all data stored and displayed on AirQWeb, alongside data for any dust or noise & vibration instruments. This device can also be used off-grid where there is no power at the site.
  • Noise and vibration products

If you’re looking for suppliers of high quality industrial instruments, find out more about Turnkey Instruments. Or simply contact our friendly team for more information.