Turnkey Instruments is committed to making vehicle testing easier and more efficient. Our range includes instruments for both on-road and off-road vehicles.

 Along with MOT and statutory brake testing equipment for road-going and off-road vehicles, we have developed instruments which support the police, DVSA and various agencies in checking vehicle compliance and in accident investigation.

Created specially for the transport industry, Turnkey Instruments is renowned for our accurate, practical and user friendly equipment for supporting vehicle safety.

Our vehicle testing equipment is invaluable for a wide range of reasons. 

Firstly, they can ensure that vehicles meet the latest safety standards set by regulatory authorities. Safety always comes first with any vehicle and crash, emissions and durability tests ensure that vehicles can withstand different conditions without compromising safety.

Vehicles need to comply with various regulations and standards set by different authorities around the world. Testing equipment ensures that vehicles meet these standards, allowing them to be legally sold and operated.

Our solutions for off-road vehicles include the Simret 3000, an off-road brake tester which was developed in conjunction with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). This device rapidly became the standard for instrumented brake testing in the UK and is still widely used today in the UK and overseas over two decades later.

Straightforward to use and accurate to within 0.5%, it has become the standard for the brake testing of heavy vehicle and machine braking systems to ensure compliance with health and safety standards.

Meanwhile our testing solutions for on-road vehicles include BrakeSafe, a portable brake tester, which comes complete with built-in printer.

Suitable for use by UK MOT test centres, as well as garages and authorised test facilities around the world, this device is DVSA-approved by the GEA, including for data transfer with the MOT Testing Scheme.

Our instruments for meeting vehicle compliance include:


Window tinting is increasingly popular but it brings its own health and safety issues. For instance, drivers need to be able to see properly in all conditions. 

This visible light transmission (VLT) measuring device checks the percentage of light visible through a vehicle’s windows. A small, compact device, it is ideal for use in any location, including testing at the roadside. 

This device was developed in tandem with South Yorkshire Police and automotive glazing experts Pilkington Automotive (a photopic vehicle tint tester device is used by the DVSA). It has been used by many UK police forces for ensuring road vehicle compliance, as well as by other police forces overseas.

TintMan delivers a clear percentage reading it is ideal for monitoring compliance whatever the required visibility


This is our next generation of photopic vehicle window tint testers. It was developed from our tried and tested TintMan instrument. 

This device incorporates many of its predecessor’s unique features, such as magnetic clamping for solo operation, combined with the latest microprocessor technology, fast wireless printing and Wi-Fi control. 

When optionally paired with a compatible smartphone or tablet, vehicle registration details and geolocation can be included in the printout and the test results sent for cloud storage.

SkidMan for accidental investigations and reconstructions. 

This accident investigation instrument is extremely versatile and designed for brake and skid testing, road traffic accident investigation and reconstructions. It can also be used for vehicle safety inspections.

Portable and versatile, the SkidMan weighs just 2.75 kg and measures just 22 x 14 x 8 cm. Its metal case makes it tough and durable, and for added protection it comes in a leather carrying holster.

Again, it was developed in conjunction with South Yorkshire Police and  is widely used by police forces across the UK and further afield for road traffic accident investigation and reconstructions.

Since it can be used as a single-handed operation, it reduces test and investigation costs

It also links directly to SkidCalc Accident Investigation calculator. 

Our testing equipment makes quality control easier.

Manufacturers use testing equipment to assess the quality of their vehicles during the production process. This helps identify defects early on, reducing the chances of faulty vehicles reaching the market.

Improve the performance of vehicles in a variety of conditions. 

Our testing equipment allows engineers to evaluate the performance of vehicles under different conditions such as varying speeds, terrains, and weather conditions. This helps in optimising vehicle design and performance.

Meet the highest levels of customer satisfaction. 

By ensuring that vehicles are safe, reliable, and perform well, testing equipment contributes to customer satisfaction. Customers trust vehicles that have undergone rigorous testing and are more likely to have a positive experience with them.

Our vehicle testing equipment plays a critical role in ensuring that vehicles are safe, reliable, and compliant with regulations, which is essential for both manufacturers and consumers.

Find out more about our vehicle testing equipment. Or don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team for more information.