As you’re probably aware, the importance of brake testers cannot be overstated. 

They are vital for ensuring the safety of a vehicle, along with maintaining regulatory compliance. Brake testers can ensure maintenance and repairs are carried out in a timely way.

Used to evaluate braking performance, they can provide you with essential diagnostic data. By regularly using brake testers, vehicle owners and garages can enhance the safety, reliability, and longevity of their vehicles.

Specialists in brake testers for over 20 years, Turnkey Instruments provide accurate, reliable and user-friendly solutions. 

Our brake testers are used throughout the automotive industry and are useful for a number of different reasons. 

Most importantly, they can help to prevent accidents.  Brake testers ensure that the system is working correctly, which is vital for the safety of the driver and passengers, along with others on the road.

It enables you to detect a range of issues, including uneven braking, low braking efficiency, and brake imbalance, which could lead to dangerous situations if left unaddressed.

Our brake testers can also help you meet the strict regulations regarding vehicle safety, including the condition of the braking system. Regular brake testing ensures compliance with these legal standards.

Our brake testers ensure that a vehicle is road-worthy. 

Turnkey Instruments makes it easy to ensure that vehicles meet the required safety standards.

They also ensure you can detect issues early. Regular brake testing can identify wear and tear or potential problems before they become serious, allowing for timely maintenance and repair.

Early detection and repair of brake issues can prevent more severe damage to the braking system and other related components, saving on extensive repair costs.

Our bake testers evaluate the efficiency of the braking system, providing data on how well the brakes perform under different conditions.

They enable you to produce detailed reports, which can be used to track the condition of the brakes over time. This data is valuable for both vehicle owners and service providers. With accurate data from brake testers, you can make informed decisions regarding repairs and replacements.

Why choose one of our portable brake testers?

These types of brake testers are highly convenient and flexible. Our portable brake testers can easily be transported to various different locations, so you don’t have to worry about bringing vehicles to a fixed testing station. This is highly useful for both you and your customers. 

All our devices are designed to be user-friendly, being straightforward to setup and operate, making it easy to conduct tests in various environments.

These types of brake testers generally are lower priced. Our portable designs are ideal for smaller garages and fleet operators who want to invest in this type of technology. Since they can be used in many locations, you might also find there’s no need for investing in expensive infrastructure. 

Our portable brake testers are highly versatile. They can be used on various different types of vehicles, from small cars to heavy trucks, making them suitable for diverse fleets. They can be utilised in different settings, such as workshops, roadside inspections, or even in remote locations.

Save time with technology that’s quick to set-up. 

The setup time for our portable brake testers is minimal, allowing for rapid deployment and quick testing. This is particularly beneficial in busy workshop environments or during roadside checks.

Our latest devices for on-road vehicles include BrakeSafe, which comes with an in-built printer. 

Suitable for use by UK MOT test centres, as well as garages and authorised test facilities around the world, the BrakeSafe is DVSA-approved by the GEA, including for data transfer with the MOT Testing Scheme (MTS).

This brake tester is so compact, it can be transported easily in a vehicle. It’s regularly used to measure brake efficiency in cars, LGVs (large goods vehicles), HGVs (heavy goods vehicles) and PSVs (public service vehicles). It also offers an HGV trailer testing mode.

With the BrakeSafe you will enjoy immediate feedback on the performance of brakes, enabling you to make prompt decisions regarding necessary repairs or maintenance.

We also have the micro BrakeSafe which is our smallest model and ideal for any organisation that carries out fleet testing and maintenance. It’s also ideal for use by MOT centres and government traffic authorities throughout the UK. 

Regular use of our portable brake testers can help in early detection of potential problems, enabling preventive maintenance and reducing the risk of brake failures.

To sum up, our portable brake testers offer a practical, cost-effective, and versatile solution for ensuring vehicle brake safety and compliance. Their ability to provide immediate and reliable results, coupled with ease of use and transportability, makes them an excellent choice for a variety of applications in the automotive industry.

Discover more about our portable brake testers in the UK. Or simply contact us for more information.