Our gas monitors are highly accurate when it comes to detecting and measuring the presence of various gases in the air. 

These monitors serve several important purposes and can be used in various settings. Our devices are used in industrial, commercial, residential and environmental contexts. Here are just a few reasons to invest in one of our gas monitors for sale in 2024:

Ensure the safety of your staff.

Gas monitors are crucial for ensuring the safety of anyone working in places where there is a potential risk of gas leaks or exposure to hazardous gases. Detecting the presence of these gases early allows for urgent response and means you can evacuate as soon as possible, preventing accidents, injuries or worse. 


Meet the latest health and safety regulations. 

Many industries in the UK are subject to occupational health and safety regulations that require monitoring and control of hazards in the workplace.

Our easy-to-use gas monitors help organisations comply with these regulations by providing real-time data on gas concentrations. Your staff, including management, will immediately know if levels exceed safety thresholds.

Reduce the risk of accidents, including fires.

It’s no secret that gases can be extremely dangerous. Many are highly flammable, and the buildup of certain concentrations can pose a serious risk of fire or explosion. Our gas monitors can detect combustible gases, allowing for preventive measures to be taken before these types of dangerous situations arise.

Monitor your environment so that it’s as healthy as possible. 

In some environments, exposure to certain gases can have long-term effects on our health, even at low concentrations. Our gas monitors help in monitoring the air quality and ensuring that exposure levels are within acceptable limits. This is vital for protecting the health of individuals over the long term.

Our gas monitors are ideal for environmental monitoring.

They’re ideal for assessing and monitoring air quality in outdoor environments, such as urban areas, industrial zones, or near sources of pollution. This information is crucial for understanding the impact of human activities on the environment and for implementing measures to reduce pollution.

Monitor and control your industrial processes.

In industrial settings, gas monitors are often integrated into control systems to monitor and control industrial processes. With our technology, you can maintain optimal conditions and prevent the release of harmful gases into the environment.

Our devices include the iGASair, an internet gas monitor which can measure six different gas species simultaneously.

This is a quiet gas monitor that’s straightforward to use. It comes housed in a shielded manifold and aspirated with an ultra-quiet pump, making it suitable for outdoor and indoor air pollution monitoring.

Features include automatic zeroing which virtually eliminates drift. It also has software algorithms which can automatically correct for cross-interferences between the gas species. The zero gas scheme eliminates the effects of changes in relative humidity and ambient carbon dioxide which, in the past, have limited the performance of electrochemical cells at ppb levels.

It can be integrated with AirQWeb for live monitoring. This device can also be used alongside Turnkey dust monitors. Furthermore, it’s usable with our solar/wind off-grid power system

Need help monitoring gases in a confined space?

In confined spaces such as tanks, silos, or storage areas, the buildup of gases can be hazardous. Gas monitors are used to ensure that workers entering these spaces are aware of the gas concentrations and take necessary precautions.

Our gas monitors can also be used in emergency situations.

Gas monitors play a vital role in emergency response situations, such as chemical spills or leaks. They provide real-time information about the type and concentration of gases, helping emergency responders take appropriate actions to mitigate the impact.

Once you produce data, it’s easy to use our specialist software and applications to support Turnkey’s instruments with the recording, analysis and reporting of data.

With our data management solutions, you can share information anywhere in the world, store data securely, analyse results and compare data. 

In short, our gas monitors will prove to be crucial tools for maintaining safety, complying with regulations, and preventing accidents. They can be used in various environments where the presence of gases could pose a threat to human health and the environment.

Based in Cheshire, Turnkey Instruments sell a wide range of instruments produced in-house. 

Never selling third party products, we design and develop all of our testing equipment, so our team understands every aspect of how the equipment works. That means we know how to get the most out of every device and can offer impeccable levels of customer support.

We’re leading specialists in testing instruments which are designed to meet the latest market needs.

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