It goes without saying that brakes are one of the most important parts of any vehicle. 

They’re vital for the safety of not only the driver but other passengers and pedestrians. Poorly operating brakes can lead to accidents and collisions and are highly dangerous, since they’re what allows for smooth deceleration and stopping, especially in emergency situations. 

Brakes also contribute significantly to the vehicle’s overall handling, helping someone maintain stability and enabling the driver to navigate corners and turns safely.


It’s vital to have brakes regularly tested to ensure that they’re properly functioning, so the driver has control over the vehicle’s speed and movement.

Brake testers are devices used to assess the efficiency and performance of vehicle braking systems. They are primarily used to evaluate the braking capability of vehicles, including cars, trucks, and other heavy vehicles. They ensure that brakes meet safety standards and are in good working condition.

Portable brake testers are prized for their convenience and versatile ability to assess the braking systems of vehicles. 

Since these types of brake testers are easy to transport, they’re ideal for mechanics, inspection stations, or roadside checks. If someone needs quick and immediate feedback on the braking performance of their vehicle, you can do it without moving it to a dedicated testing facility. 

Portable brake testers are especially useful in scenarios where bringing a vehicle to a fixed testing location is impractical or impossible. 

In many industries, regular brake testing is a legal requirement for ensuring road safety. Portable testers enable compliance with these regulations without major infrastructure investment.

Portable brake testers can make your business more affordable to run. 

After all, setting up a permanent brake testing facility can be expensive. Portable brake testers offer a more affordable option if you only use them occasionally. 


Another big advantage is they can be used on a range of vehicle types and sizes. 

Our BrakeSafe tester makes it easy to test the brakes on vehicles of all types and sizes. You therefore won’t require specific setups for each.

This portable brake tester is used by MOT test centres across the UK, along with  authorised test facilities around the world. It is DVSA-approved by the GEA, including for data transfer with the MOT Testing Scheme (MTS).

It’s both compact and easy to use, making it ideal for measuring the brake efficiency of not only cars but LGVs (large goods vehicles), HGVs (heavy goods vehicles) and PSVs (public service vehicles). The BrakeSafe also offers an HGV trailer testing mode.

If you’re after a versatile device which is ideal for many classes of vehicle, it is the ideal choice. 

Many organisations use it to carry out fleet testing and monitoring, as well as MOT centres and government traffic authorities.

It can also be used in combination with stationary brake testers for comprehensive assessments of a vehicle’s braking system. Test data can easily be printed instantly and saved with the date, time, vehicle identifier and operator ID.

You can watch how the BrakeSafe works by watching our videos online, or our team is happy to offer more details. 

Why choose Turnkey Instruments for your testing equipment?

We are specialists in the development of highly accurate and user-friendly scientific and industrial instruments. Turnkey Instruments is continually investing in research and product development, so you benefit from the latest technology. 

Our in-house product designers and engineers are consistently at the forefront of developments. Since all our products are manufactured in-house, our team has an in-depth understanding of how our products work. 
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