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Why Choose Turnkey®

Turnkey Instruments is a manufacturer of industrial and scientific instruments, based in Northwich, Cheshire. We produce a range of environmental monitors (for airborne dust pollution), off-road brake testers (for heavy vehicles in quarrying, mining and rail), road vehicle brake testers and window tint testers. These instruments are in wide use by police forces, local authorities and in the mining and quarrying industries worldwide.


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The g-meter is designed for statutory annual MOT brake performance testing and is VOSA-approved for all classes of road-going vehicles (including class I & II). It is also suitable for statutory testing of HGVs. It is also TÜV-certified as a brake effficiency measuring instrument.

The instrument is self-aligning and senses the direction of travel. It measures peak and mean acceleration, and stopping time, calculating the stopping distance. Deceleration can be measured in %g or in m s-2.

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Brake Tester

BrakeSafe is an easy to use brake tester. VOSA-approved for MOT testing of all vehicle classes (excluding I & II), it is suitable for all cars, HGVs (including trailer testing), PSVs and other road-going vehicles. An ideal choice to monitor a fleet's performance after servicing.

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Brake Tester
With Printer

Simret 4000 is the latest portable brake tester for off-road vehicles. It is small and lightweight, with a large, backlit screen and comes with a detachable printer, which can communicate with several instruments. The instrument is ideally suited to the brake ratio method of testing for rubber-tyred vehicles in quarries, open cast coal sites and mines. It records average brake ratio, test incline, speed and stopping distance. Data and graphs can both be printed and shown on screen. The brake ratio is measured independently of gradient and speed, allowing tests to take place anywhere.

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Simret 4000
Lightweight, Portable Heavy Vehicle Brake Tester with Detachable Printer