Vodafone 3G Network Closure 2023

Vodafone have recently announced the shutting down of their 3G network in 2023, though no specific date has been given for when this will be completed. No other providers have yet made announcements on this.

As a company, we have been preparing for this for some time. Until a definitive date has been set by Vodafone, any Turnkey customer with a 3G SIM card on the Vodafone Network can continue as normal.

All new-generation communications systems from Turnkey are already 4G so will not be impacted. We are preparing a plan as things progress for those customers using older-generation 3G systems with Vodafone SIM cards, and will begin contacting those affected in due course. We do have the capability to move to other 3G providers, though this will require a change of SIM cards.