Technical Manager

turnkey instruments

Turnkey is a 30+ year established business that designs, manufactures, and sells a variety of scientific and industrial instruments. All our products have been designed and developed in-house.

To support our existing products, and help to create new ones, we have created the new role of Technical Manager.

Who are you? A multidisciplinary, dexterous polymath. Probably a postdoc physicist or electronic engineer. You are good at making things and can also lead a small design and support team. You must have the confidence to be able to work in the fields of sound and vibration measurement, aerosol science, optics, gas detection, and vehicle dynamics. You will be good at, or at least have knowledge of, digital and analogue circuit design, PCB layout, Solid Edge CAD, 3D printing, various microprocessors and development systems, assembler C, C++, MicroPython, etc., etc.

Most of your time will be spent “hands-on” designing but you must also be able to provide support and leadership to a small technical team.

The position is initially for a 1-year contract. You will report directly to the Managing Director.

Please contact for further details.